Terms and Conditions. Computer Repairs.
All repairs must be paid for before goods are collected from us.
Goods will not be relased until payment is received in full.
All orders are to be paid for at the time of ordering if the unit is not being left.
If the repaired unit is not collected within 30 days of the customer being informed of the successful repair, we retain the right to sell the unit to reclaim costs.
If you email us for a quote, then all prices would be classed as an estimate. We would have to physically see the machine to give an accurate price. The client then has the option of accepting the accurate price, or declining.
Paying by Cheque. If a cheque bounces we would hope it was just an oversight, contact you and hopefully get it resolved. If it bounced intentionally then we would try to resolve before taking legal action.

Terms and Conditions. Contractor.
At the end of each week an invoice will be sent to the designated representative of the company.
An invoice is to be paid and credited to my account for the Friday of the following week, unless otherwise arranged.
If a contract comes to an end, before the agreed date through no fault of the contractor, then one weeks notice will be required and invoiced for.