My Services
Here is a list of the services that I offer.

Contracting To A Company
Self Employed Computer Repairs
Office Administrator.
Upgrades. (Memory and Hard Disc)
Data Entry.
Installs - Hardware and Software.
Engineer Scheduling.
Data Recovery - When your disc is failing.
I.T Support.
Broadband Installations.
Email Setup
Hard Disc Replacement.
Virus / Malware Cleaning.
Linux O/S Installs.
Linux O/S DVD's
Reinstall of MS Windows.
Printer Setups.
Training. CV Writing.
Daily or Hourly Rate for Companies.
Hourly Rate for Home Customers.
We are happy to discuss a rate and
£16 per hour.
contract length.
We understand that our customers are not always at home during the day so we can collect and deliver your computer at no extra cost at a time that suits you**.
This is especially helpful to the customer if they have a Virus or Malware, or require Data Recovery because of a failing drive. These jobs could take a minimum of two hours. We would then return the computer at a time agreed with you.
Data recovery will involve either using a data stick supplied by you, or blank dvd media supplied by us. We charge 50 pence per blank DVD / CD. Depending on the damage to your drive, we boot from a Linux Live disc, mount your hard disc and then copy your data to a data stick or DVD.
We would actually prefer to have your machine for 24 Hours minimum, if you have a virus or require data recovery. Virus scans take a long time and we would rather use more than one scanner, as not all viruses can be detected by one anti-virus program. So for that reason we would like to arrange collection of your machine, scan it at our business and return it withing 1-2 days (by agreement). If we're going to charge you for a service we would rather you pay for it being done correctly.
Hard Disc replacement. We will obtain a competative price for a replacement. The customer is then responsible for obtaining the new drive / making payment. When it arrives we will replace.
We can provide a Linux operating system, on DVD, for £3.50. We can also advise which one is best for you based on your PC spec.
Hourly Rate for home users. What if a repair only takes 90 minutes ? Would you want to pay us for 2 hours ? No. Neither would we. We are different in that we charge a minimum of one hours work, and then the rest of the time is in half hour increments.
** We offer free pickup and return to customers in Newbury, Thatcham and Cold Ash.