Q - Why do you charge a fuel surcharge, when other people dont ?
A - Do they charge, or dont they ?. Ive seen some IT Repair companies charge £50 per hour plus VAT, which to me covers their time, travel, fuel, their sandwich and coffee etc. I have also had a quote from a company in Caversham, asking for One Hundred Pounds for virus cleaning. Another company wanted £60 for virus removal and wanted the machine for 2-3 days.

So technically just because they dont list a fuel charge, doesnt mean the price doesnt reflect fuel, because it does.I keep my prices transparent so you see exactly why I'm charging X amount. If I do one hours work and have had to travel 20 miles to Reading, then I would charge £31 which is made up of £16 per hour and £15 travel one way. If the job took 2.5 hours (£40) then I wouldnt charge a fuel surcharge.I would rather list a fuel surcharge and show you what the price is made up of. I dont state no fuel charge, or no this or no that, when common sense clearly means the surcharge is hidden within the price. I also wouldnt state we dont charge for fuel, when in reality it would be hidden within my prices.

Q - How much would you charge for cleaning off a virus, and what would be involved ?
A - I would either clean the infection onsite, or if you are local take the machine away. What's involved is booting from
a live disc with Anti-Virus software, downloading of the current anti-virus database and scanning of your machine. This could easily take three hours. So if you lived in Newbury or Thatcham then there would be no fuel surcharge, and I would quote for three hours to three and a half hours work. So the price would be either £48 min or £56 max. I also suggest calling to see if we have a monthly promotion on.
I would prefer to have your machine for one day, or overnight, as I would use a minimum of two antivirus scanners to make sure your machine is cleaned properly. I also can check for malware etc and clean up your system registry. The problem with Viruses is that one specific antivirus program will not detect all viruses, hence why I have three boot discs and why it would take so long.

Q - £48 to £56 is still a lot of money. The local I.T guys are busy and I really need this done soon, but I live outside of Newbury and Thatcham. Can you help ?
A - If you lived in Basingstoke and I was onsite for the three hours, then I would not charge you a fuel surcharge. If the job was for only one hour and required me to pick up your machine, go back to Newbury, repair the machine, then return it to Basingstoke when you were home again, then you can appreciate why I would need to charge a fuel surcharge

Q - Why do some sites NOT list prices, when others do ?
A - Probably because they want you to call them, say what quotes you have already had, so they can undercut the competition and get your money. The market is flooded with I.T repair people who are all trying to make a living. I believe a site that gives specific prices is more open from the start. Also listing prices on a website can put customers off who are really looking for the best price. No price listed could also mean "Lets haggle.". I'm open to some haggling.

Q - What if you cant repair our machine ?
A - I would recomment an alternative company. You also wouldnt have to pay anything if you live within Newbury, Thatcham or Cold Ash. The best thing is to email me and see if its a job I can do.

Q - Would it be easier to email you and get a quote and confirmation that you can repair our machine ?
A - Absolutely. Send an email or text, and I will give you a price etc.

Q - Why would I want to hire you to repair my computer ?
A - As there are so many I.T repair people, you have a choice. I'd rather you go to another company if you are hoping to get a repair done for next to nothing. I offer a fair price for my services. I have to survive, just like you, so I cant afford to drive to Reading or Basingstoke, do one hours work and be out of pocket.

Q - I'm not happy with my current anti-virus software. What would you suggest ?
A - I have used Comodo Anti-Virus / Firewall software and also their System Cleaning software. I hate bloat and felt that a lot of the mainstream software is bloated, and end up costing you a fortune in license fees. Comodo is FREE for home users. I can install these for you for one hours works.

Q - What payment types do you take ?
A - As a new startup we have limited payment options. At the moment we only accept cash, cheque and paypal.

Q - I run a company and Id like to hire you for a months work. How much would you want ?
A - I'm open to offers. But my price depends on where I would need to travel to, length of contract and the type of work involved. A rule of thumb is "The further away from my home, the higher the travel costs, the higher the hourly or daily rate.". I'd also feel real nice if you had onsite parking, and I can have a spot. This means I dont have to travel by rail, so I dont get stressed.

Oh and I'm a coffeeholic. So if you have a cafe onsite that serves real proper coffee, lattes etc, then that would be an added bonus, and will help your position in getting a good deal.

I can also email a copy of my CV if you would like to see my experience.